Qont Proposal For Omar.

Hi Omar,

Thank you for your time.

I invite you to join me in the mission of establishing world’s # 1 and first HEO agency that is going to be a multi-million dollar internet company within a year.

Lets join hands to make it happen.

Z.D. Babar

Content Marketing Strategy - Qontentify

To make things easier for you and for me as well, I recorded this proposal in small video clips randomly and tried to explain you as things come in my mind.

Pardon me if you find it not truly professional because this is the first time I am inviting someone to contribute into my mission. 

I am sure you will like my vision and passion to establish that big thing.

Before moving towards that presentation, I want to mention here three things to make it more convenient for you:

  1. This is not an idea now (this is already started and growing internet company and is in perfect execution phase)
  2. All the things are in truly operational mode (we are building a perfectly trained team of experts already)
  3. We don’t need seed money or startup cost (we need some additional and urgent resources to scale things fast in the month of December  and so to take full advantage of this changing phase of digital marketing world)

And this is the our roadmap to move along.

And the best digital product that can be offered in SEO and digital marketing niche is our HEO Audit and HEO Power Tweaks.


Qontentify is my life’s fine line and dream project that is going to be a big thing in content marketing world.

And Qontentify is not an ordinary agency out there. It will be a platform with multiple offering and will have system for user generated content.

And you are the perfect person that can join us as per my understanding.

And what we are looking for:

Growth funds:

Anything from $6K to $10K can meet our requirements perfectly.

The higher the funds can be arranged the faster we can accomplish our targets.

Offered Equity:

I am 100% sole owner of this agency and for each 1K capital I will offer 2% of share in business equity. So if you agreed to provide us 6K, you will own 12% share in Qontentify equity. 

Grace Period:

3 months 

This is the growth period of our agency and by the end of this period we will monetize properly our primary services and they will start making money.

Funds can be provided in lump sum or in flexible distributions. We need about 40% of these additional funds in the month of December and rest accordingly for 3 months. So you can provide us funds month by month as well if not manageable in lump sum.

The only purpose of additional resource is to establish our things fast within short time and taking it all to monetization stage as early as possible.

Why we need that little funds to establish that big thing?

I am quite sure only $6K to $10K is enough for us to build that huge thing.

We are already have done a lot of capital eating stuff, training my guys and got strategy and expertise to grow it. So now we need just Additional Resources to make it happen fast. Because of limited resource I am not satisfied with the growth and I cannot afford to spend that much time in this crucial period. My plan is to adopt an aggressive content creation and distribution strategy to grow it 10x in this last month of December So that i would be in better position to start new year and start monetizing as easy as possible.

I want to start 2023 as the first and #1 HEO agency and then start targeting our market to make money.

And here is our expected cash flow after grace period of 3 months and monetization.

And my what is my larger plan to establish such things.

And I am flexible to anything from your side that can help me establishing it and accomplish as per my plan.

Your 100% satisfaction is guaranteed and secured.

By joining us:

You will be able to enjoy the maximum benefits because we would then have the platform to serve you better.

  • You will be the partner in equity of an HEO agency
  • We would be all set to contribute more to MB as I already got that plan to make MB as the world #1 localization and optimization agency but because of limited resources I want not able to.
  • We would be able to work on two of your other sites as well without additional resources
  • The valuation of Qontentify in just one year would be surprisingly high and we will enlist and index it as a limited company.
  • Professional email marketing for MB and other sites will be possible as we would then have experts on board of Qontentify.
  • You will enjoy the other services without addition costs such as graphic design, content writers and social media managers as we would have those experts on board already.
  • I would be available, in a better position to handle and manage all your initiatives in UAE and Middle East markets as I have exposure of that market and got connection there as well.
  • In about a year the Qontentify would be generating considerable business for us.

So this could be the best win-win deal you can ever have. Yes.

I am looking forward for you response desperately and if you need further help, let me know.

Incase if you are not ready to become Qontentify partner, then you can give me a favor as a friend and refer our proposal to any of your credible connection that can join us and accept our offer.

In any case I will never let you down. This is my commitment to you and to Qontentify.

Thank you.

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