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Web is flooded with "CONTENT". Now what? Stop pushing same "CONTENT" everyday. And start optimizing the web making it irresistibly ATTRACTIVE, genuinely HELPFUL, and highly ACTIONABLE for users. That's precisely the mission of QONTENTIFY team and we've coined it as HEO (Human Engagement Optimization). Join us in transforming the digital landscape and creating meaningful connections with your audience.

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Setup. Optimize. Manage.

Setup content marketing strategy - Qontentify - Top HEO Agency

Establish an authoritative content marketing strategy by setting up a user-friendly website, landing pages, copywriting, visual storytelling, lead magnets, and creating content strategy & conversion funnels to distribute HELPFUL content and grow business online

Manage content marketing - Qontentify - Best HEO Agency

Manage your content creation and distribution funnels, website, CMS, and Ad campaigns and formulate an engagement marketing strategy to plan, schedule, publish, promote, track and tweak the content interactive elements by keeping the publishing frequency, and conversion flows

Optimize For SEO and HEO - Qontentify Best HEO Agency

Optimize your entire digital marketing campaign through the website, social channels, and the whole content creation & distribution strategy by performing SEO analysis, keyword research, improving the content structure, and conducting an HEO audit to boost engagement and conversions


Let's optimize your site/blog/social content to convert 5X.

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Qontentify Testimonials
Marcelo Palomo
Founder, Automated CRA

Z D Babar is a talented and responsive professional with a great understanding of SEO and HEO. He explains his points simply and concisely, which makes them easy to understand and implement.
His expertise as a content strategist is what makes Qontentify an integral part of my web presence.
I work with his team on ongoing projects and recommend all of their professional services.

Richard Allen
CEO at Vibraseeds Matting

Exceptional services to launch a professional business website, create content funnels, and email list building through Klaviyo. They literally helped us 10X the growth of your subscribers.
With an amazing ability to research and develop content that is 100% accurate. I was particularly impressed with their ability to structure the content, given limited information, and the quick time frame in which it was completed

Omar Angri - CEO at Margin Business Amazon Localization Agency
Omar Angri
CEO at Margin Business ltd

The Qontentify guys are a complete package. They have transformed our whole website and content marketing game with a new optimization strategy we had never heard of – HEO (Human engagement optimization) and targeted content funnels.

Claude Farren
CEO, Newcastle Snagging

As an online business owner, I understand the importance of impactful content that drives growth, and Qontentify’s services have been a game-changer for me. Babar and his team’s expertise as content strategists have become invaluable in enhancing my web presence. 

Vivian B. Storey
Owner, Online Business

Our website growth was negative and all the efforts were falling short of our expectations. Thanks to their dedicated support, we witnessed a remarkable boost in our online visibility and success. I wholeheartedly appreciate their invaluable contribution and highly recommend Z.D. Babar and team

Robert Runyon - Sunken Stone
Robert Runyon
CGS at Sunken Stone

I have just read through your HEO Audit report and want to thank you for its valuable elements, in-depth content analysis, clarity, and user-friendliness.

At last, I feel empowered with a checklist to make our website and content more engaging. My website sucks and I can’t tell you how confusing and complex I’ve found. And Qontentify HEO experts are helping us to optimize our content for the future web. Thank you!

Aaron Harris
Marketing Manager, B2B Business

Our website growth had hit a plateau, and despite our content marketing efforts, we were not achieving the desired results. Qontentify came to our rescue! They conducted a thorough content audit and implemented powerful HEO optimization strategies that completely transformed our online presence. Thanks to their expertise, our website has experienced exponential growth. I recommend Qontentify to all online beginners


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Z.D. Babar - Co-founder and CEO at HEO Optimization Agency - Qontentify

Z. D. Babar

CEO @ Qontentify – HEO Content Optimization Platform  📝 Copywriter, SEO + HEO Expert and Content Funnel Strategist


COO @ Qontentify – Develops effective content strategies to reflect your company’s goals & anticipate the needs of your customers


Specialized in logo design, T-shirt design, corporate identity and many others visual content optimizations


Experienced in UX/UI, graphic design for publishing and any print format, brand identity, and other graphics


Build engaging, purposeful, creative and mobile optimized websites for businesses to grow online

Anam Ali

I’ve been a professionally trained copywriter with years of experience, and my work has resulted in good performance


A professional SEO website content writer offering unique and effective copywriting services to promote your brand

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